Customize the width of the website

Hi everyone… I used a template for a website. I slightly changed it. I insert some photos but they are bigger and the width of the body became bigger . I tried to change it from the “size” but it says that “the browser automatically sets the body’s width” and I cannot customize it. Any advice ?

@Andrianamv welcome to the forum! Make the photos smaller using photoshop, canva or giphy (or another image editing program) and you should be good. The size of the images are pushing the body’s width to beyond the screen. If this doesn’t fix it for you, please share your read-only link that way we can take a look. Adding the read-only link is always a good idea to get specific help on the forum.

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Thank you so much for your advice.

@Andrianamv you’re welcome!

Dear @sarahfrison
I did follow your advice but I still have a problem . This is the read-only link
I would be really grateful if you could help me out
Thanks in advance

@Andrianamv could you let me know what images are causing you problems? If you could add a screenshot, that would be helpful. Looking at the read-only site and I can’t find anything out off place.

hi :slight_smile: I fixed the problem ! thanks for your help :blush:

Ah, that explains it. Very happy to hear you got it working!

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