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Customize slider

Is there any way to do this? I need textlinks to spesific slides and custom “bullets”.
Anyone? :smile:


Use search on forum :slight_smile: Here is the solution I made for @Rui_Almeida

Thanks @bartekkustra ,
I did a search actually but didnt see this one. :slight_smile:
Hoewer since I only want to change the ball into a triangle and not have different icons on each slide do you know what the best way to shorten the javascript code?
And also regarding the textlink I saw a post where it was said it was not yet supported but maybe there´s a temporary solution with javascript some how?

Can’t check it how it’s exactly but I think that you every ball on slider have a class that you can simply change via before </body> section using simple <style>...</style>. I’m at work now and I’ll be crushed with work this evening so you have to figure it out by yourself somehow now, sorry… :frowning:

Good luck!

No problem…thanks anyway :slight_smile: