Customize site for all mobile devices

I am having trouble customize site for all mobile devices.
It is hard for me. But even when I will set for all types of mobile devices, it is still some of my phones (phone my wife, children), the site looks very bad. WHY?
Probably due to lack of knowledge.
Tell me where I can read about it, or watch a video? Or tell me what I configure wrong.

Here the link:


Hi @Alexandr_Santis, thanks a lot for your post. To begin with, it is a good idea to fix any overflow (horizontal scrolling on a page). I can see there is some overflow being caused by some element in your Section 7 section.

I would suggest to check or remove that, and then see if you still have the issue on lower viewports.

If you do, then make sure that you are not using some fixed px width on some classes, causing the overflow.

Check that and then let me know, I can take another look.


In Section 7 I have a Container and 2 codes from social.embed. What is it overflow?

Hi @Alexandr_Santis, thanks for the update. It seems that there may be some code in the embed that is causing the overflow in that section. I suggest to duplicate the site, then remove that section completely and see if the overflow has been fixed.

I just tried to take another look at the site after your followup, but the read-only link is not valid still. Could check the read-only link and share that again?


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