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Customize Multiple Client Billing Options

It would be awesome if the client billing feature included the ability to customize different client billing options.

For example,

  1. Hosting = $30 / month
  2. Hosting + Unlimited Minor Changes = $100 /month
  3. Hosting + Changes + Monthly Design Services = $250 /month

A feature like this would help freelancers, agencies, and studios profit more, manage their business better, and give clients options that are helpful to them.

I’d would definitely pay more more for a feature like in the future.

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I second this. Other than that - we could always use a freelance billing option.

Hi @washockley - thanks for the input! Am wondering what you’re referring to here… an ability to present to clients three options when they are filling out their CC details on

@brryant Probably something similar to the shipping options on e-commerce checkout page for the user to select. This is before redirecting the user for payment.

  • Free shipping (included)
  • Registered shipping (+$50)
  • Expedited shipping (+$100)