Customising social sharing icons acting weird


I’m following this tutorial, and everything seems to work fine, but as soon as I check the published site, the layout changes. On the designer everything looks great, so I’m not sure where the problem is. Perhaps in the custom code?

This is how it looks

This is how it should look

Below is a view link to the project.

Thanks a lot!

Paging :iphone: @AlexN - see if he can take a look

Thanks for the mention @StuM.

@pitz Can you try re-publishing your site. I looks like two of the share-button-wrapper elements are outside of the social-buttons-wrapper which doesn’t match the structure in the read-only link.

Let me know if that changes anything on the published site.

Thanks @StuM and @AlexN

I did re-publish a few times. The structure is correct I think, that’s why I find it odd. Seems like a bug. Any other idea how to solve it?

Thanks again

Hey @pitz

I took a closer look and noticed that you’re code is missing a few"" and closing brackets >.
Do the following for each of your custom code embeds.

1.) Wrap your class in ""

  1. Close your link with a closing bracket. >

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Thanks so much @AlexN! I should really develop my syntax skills :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Really appreciate you looking into this.


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