Customers not able to place orders

Hi currently on this site I built for a client, the customer is trying to purchase a product but it keeps saying “no shipping method available” and also doesn’t allow you to place an order. Any tips ? Thanks. Here’s my share link .

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello, @mkh_develops!!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

I’m happy to jump in here and help you out! :webflow_heart: I did some investigating and I was able to make a copy of your site and successfully select a shipping method and complete an order.

Do you have any details around what address wasn’t working or any errors you may have seen?

I’ll be looking forward to hearing back so we can help solve this for you!

Hey Riley, everything is all good! Everything is working great now. However, my client is on my account but after conversing with her which I should of had beforehand, I would like to put her on her own account. However, she already paid the yearly payment for the ecommece plan and hosting. So I was wondering in order to transfer her site over to her own account, would she have to pay for the ecommerce plan and hosting again when I transfer her site over to her own account. It came out to $363 so I just didn’t want to break her pockets with her paying another $363. Is there a work around with that ? Thanks!

Hey, @mkh_develops!

So glad to hear this is resolved. Yes! We can help you with this.

Can you head over to our support portaland submit a ticket? Our team can help you knock this out! :webflow_heart:

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