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Customer should be able to change the PDF Asset which is linked in Editor

i am creating Restaurant Websites and i need to know how to solve this:

  • “Menu” Button is a Link
  • Link should open a PDF (Menu.pdf)
  • Customer uplaod the new PDF Menu in Editor
  • the new PDF is online
  • Link is opening the new Menu PDF

If i linking an PDF and open the Site in the Editor, i could not find a way where i could change/upload a new pdf.

Thanks for your help

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Hello @FromMuc

I think that the best way is to create a CMS menu. The CMS menu will have real text google can scan and the client can edit the menu easily.

The pdf way will be > you add the new pdf file > open in a tab > copy link > change the link for the menu button.

Piter :webflow_heart:

The CMS Version is definitely better, but the Customer is lazy … and don’t want to type multiple times his menu …

I did not understand your solution. Could you please explain.
For eg i got a button with “menu.pdf” link. I had to uplaod this pdf to the assets.
But how could the customer edit this in the “Editor Login”. There is no option to upload any new file. You can change Images, but not upload a new file.


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The client is lazy, but he is creating a new pdf file for the menu :smile: I feel your pain. Talk with him about the Google index benefits.

You need to upload the pdf > open the pdf in a tab > copy the url > send the url to the client > the client will change the button url from the editor.

oh, now i understand.
i had to upload the new file and the customer could change only the url.
no way. I thought there is a solution like with filezilla, that the customer just change the pdf

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Yeaa, actually there’s a file option for links in the designer. Will be nice to have the same one in the editor too!

@FromMuc Btw, what if you have a CMS collection menu with a file field > create the menu button with a collection list > client will be able to change the file from the editor.

Here >

If you don’t understand I will explain more :blush:

thanks, i had to go deeper in your idea. I have been not creating CMS Sites yet.

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You can share a read only link and we can do it :muscle:

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will come back to your offer after i am finished with creating the landing page, menu and footer

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Great! Waiting for your comeback :blush:


look at the Link “Speisekarte”.

I understood how to add an CMS and layout it.
But now i would like to copy the style from the first Collection “Insalata” and would like to apply it to the new one “Antipasta”.

At the moment i can only rebuild it, that tooks to much time, because i would need more than 10 collections.

how can i safe my collection as template or duplicate it?

How can i design one and add the style to the rest

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Ou so you decided to make a CMS menu. Nice!

You actually don’t need different collections. The best way is to create a collection > Menu Items and put everything there. Create another collection > Menu categories > and create the food categories.

The categories will be:

  1. Insalata
  2. Antipastis
  3. Pizzes
  4. Pasta
  5. Carnes
  6. Pesces
  7. Desserts

@FromMuc Btw you can see the a similar structure here >

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i am so far now

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oh yes, your example is much easier, than my way.

i had to use “multi references”?

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Or a single reference. Multi is for more than one category.