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I have an urgent and important question. I have recently migrate from Squarespace to Webflow re-building all my clients websites slowly slowly. I have a client who has requested urgently this feature: is it possible to have client login where the client logins with his ID, creates a profile and then has a sort of a form that he can fill over time and update personal preference i.e. changed in his weight or personal life etc? That form has to be then be saved wither on Google drive or dropbox or exported somehow.

Many thanks in advance.
Stelios K

Hi @Stelios_Kyriakides,

2 ways to go about it easiest as possible:

    For the profile and login, then add a form app service inside that profile.

  2. Build both from scratch!

You will need to apps obviously. Just a matter on how much you want to manage behind the scenes. I would use Memberstack and add a Jotfom form inside the client account. Jotform can be sent pretty much anywhere. It’s the best form software on the market, for many reasons, but primarily due to the fantastic integration capability.

Hope that helps, see ya :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot i will have a look :slight_smile:

@Stelios_Kyriakides yes this is totally doable. I have a screencast that walks through exactly this, though I use a “logged in commenting system” as the example, but easily re-tooled for your needs:

Thanks a lot much appreciate your reply and help:)

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