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Customer post order

Hey guys,

Is there a way to do a custom order for a CMS collection?

I have a portfolio site, but I would like one project to stay at the top even after I add new projects afterwards.

The site that I am talking about is I need to add a project that will stay at the top of the list at all times.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@marius_serban your link was never shared properly. Make sure to Share your link so we may help you with this.

But what do you mean custom order? Do you mean a sort order? To answer you, yes you can, however at the moment you have to do it by way of adding a field in the collection settings itself.

You can use a switch and have that project reflect the switch so as to showcase at the top. Its just a matter of turning the switches on and off as you progress through your projects.

Lmk if you need further help?

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@marius_serban Why don’t you add a sort order field in the CMS. And use sorting.


I have just added the link.

@marius_serban I still do not see the shared link. Please double check on your end.

@marius_serban you need to create a shareable link in your settings and then add it here. the “blue” LINK does not have anything linked to it.


  1. Watch Conditional Visibility video (
  2. Select your CMS Collection
  3. Then Select CMS List Settings
  4. Tweak Filters, Sort Order and Limiter

You wll need to create a sortable item in your CMS collection, for example for ‘FEATURED’ content I create a ‘Featured Post’ ‘True False’ on off switch in CMS. If TRUE then only that post gets filtered to feature at top.


Oh, got it: Here you go:

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@marius_serban, what @miekwave has provided here is exactly what I would recommend. He just beat me to it.

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