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Customer 'Lookup' with Salesforce Data

Hey guys,

Using apps like Memberstack allow for adding an experience for tailoring content to users, groups, etc… I’ve been trying to research possibilities to utilize a “customer portal” solution for allowing a customer to view their orders and history, where the data is coming from objects stored in Salesforce.

Webflow CMS would be helpful for storing a set of standard data, but has anyone worked on pulling data from Salesforce in a user authenticated process?

The user (customer) would need to login with some details such as an email address and password, or email address and order number. Once authenticated, we’d display data from the Salesforce dataset, pulling details based on the combined details.

Hey there! This should be possible with the Webflow CMS and using Zapier if you’re open to it.

  1. You could directly send Salesforce data into Memberstack (if text-based) and display it on a member-specific page.

  2. Or, if you want to use the Webflow CMS to hold the Salesforce data, you’d have to create 2 CMS’s: One for members (synced with Memberstack via Zapier), and another for data that’s referenced to the first CMS.

Here’s a tutorial on building a client dashboard or portal with Memberstack if that helps (link).

I’m on the Memberstack team so feel free to DM me or post on our forum for specific help in getting this set up. :slight_smile: