Customer Email Handling and Admin Access?

Can someone please explain to me before considering staring a webflow eCommerce project, how the following are handled?

  1. The “white-labelled” email notifications
  1. There still doesn’t appear to be any control of access privileges on team accounts for each user. How can we securely control store access among team members and freelancers?

I think these are important questions as well. The design piece of the E-Commerce is certainly very nice and will be flexible for us as designers. Having a clear path for the us and more importantly the client as to how the system actually works relating to their shop is extremely important and a bit unclear at the moment. But the product is still in Beta.

Just bumping this now eCommerce is out of beta for anyone familiar with the platform?


This hasn’t been resolved yet after 3 years. I’m very disappointed.

Am I correct thinking this is still an ongoing issue? Specifically, having control over the ‘Unsubscribe’ link and/or visibility and control over the subscription change.