Custom Webhook to Webflow CMS

If i do a GET request i get these infos:

now i want to PATCH other id into “fahrzeuge-2”.

How is the syntax?

I have tried this but its wrong:

Hi @Luca_Marki weclome :wave:

Thanks for adding the JSON in your post but I’m still not clear what you’re trying to do and what error you’re hitting.

  1. Webhooks:
    How are you attempting to PATCH this data into the Webflow CMS? I see you mention Webhooks, if that’s the case, a Webhook from where? (and this may be your issue).

  2. Errors:
    What errors are you getting? You said you’ve tried this but it’s wrong.

Hi @ChrisDrit
Thanks for your reply.

I want patch the id of Fahrzeuge into the member cms in the marked field. But i dont know the syntax to patch the datas with zapier.

I get this error in zapier:

When i do a GET request i get the data of the CMS but after changing to PATCH i get the error above.