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Custom URL Domains not working? Please HELP!

Hello so I paid for annual so I can have a custom domain website and the domain won’t load? please help with this…!

Here is my site Read-Only:
My custom domain is supposed to be But it won’t work

Are you following the instructions provided by Webflow? Can you define what steps you have taken and where you are in the process?

It says issue detected? What do i do

and I took the tutorial

Have you following the Webflow instructions?
and set your www domain to default.

Updated you DNS AT your provider according to Webflow instructions.

DNS changes can take up To 48 hours to be updated. Normaly is faster but can take long time

PS. What is the error message and don’t forget to republish your site

It just tells me issues detected when I’m in hosting setting my custom domain, also whats “NDS”??
It also tells me “Visit the admin console of your domain registrar (the website you purchased your domain from) and create one CNAME Record:” And im using this website to buy a domain

Your domain provider also Have the DNS for your domain.
You must Change the DNS according to the Webflow instruction.

DNS is pointing/directing your domain name to you Webflow site.
Check for instructions about DNS AT your domain provider

where can i find this dns? I watched a tutorial for this and i dunno where they went, something like google domains or something but when i go there it just tells me to buy a domain, but im not going to do that since im already paying for one here, but its not working

PS. Webflow Do not provide amy domains

Wait what??? So im paying for a year of premium for nothing than???

You are paying for your hostning plan Domains are not included

ohhh hmmm. So then how do I cancel the hosting plains? Like refund

Contact Webflow support AT

ok thx :slight_smile: I will contact

You can publish to your

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What @webdev is saying is that you can use a Webflow domain instead of a custom domain.… the you have to remove all custom settings you have entered and use Webflow
As you did when developing your site