Custom text fields with mathematical calculations

Hi community! I’ve just progressed through all of the Webflow University courses (what a ride, loved it!) I am a designer, who is transitioning from Wordpress builds, to Webflow. I am taking on a rebuild of a company’s website (currently webflow). There is a module that is pre existing, that uses a mathematical formulation to spit out 3 figures, based on the users input (see preview links in footer)

I cannot find where this calculation is coming from. I’m hoping someone can help out with how this module is setup.

Part 2: I want to rebuild this module into the new site, at the moment we have 4 different pages for 4 different currencies (Australian Dollar, UK Pound, US Dollar etc) I would rather build this into a dynamic module on a single page, that updates based on a users selection for currency ie as per a dropdown. If anyone can also advise on the best setup for this type of interaction that would be very much appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Preview Link:
Calcuator 1: Impact Calculator AU
Calculator:+ 2:

Hoping any experts can help shed som light on the above. Thank you! Would be very appreciated.

Hi Ben,

  1. open the pages panel
  2. hover over the page you want, click the gear that appears at the right side
  3. scroll down page settings to the bottom to see the custom code on that page

Yes that’s not difficult to do, but it will be a headache if you’re not a programmer. You’ll need to do some restructuring of your page and redesign of how the calculation engine connects into it.

Drop me a direct message if you need some pro dev work done, and I’ll send you my details.

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Thank you @memetican