Custom tabs layour

Hi, I’m trying to recreate the same tabs layout as in the Apple website here:

I was able to do some trickery with negative margins on the top in my project, but it’s kinda clumsy. I wonder if there was a more efficient way to move the tabs menu between the image (part of my Tab 1 Content) and the explanatory text (also part of my Tab 1 Content).

Any specific tutorials or projects coming to mind that I could look at?

Hi Blanca!

Without your preview link, I’m only guessing. But, it sounds like you’re on track. I would try using absolute positioning to get the paragraph to the bottom of the tabs and then use a negative percentage to move it further down.

I recently published a tutorial on tabs and did something a little similar. Try starting around 51 minutes and 20 seconds.

Hope that helps!