Custom Tab Out Of View Interaction


I am adding a 3rd party JS widget to tabs -

To reproduce.
You will need to access
Make sure you are on the Music tab
Click on the fourth CD
If nothing shows, you need to allow unsafe scripts
This should show the Audio Player.
Play a song
Click on a different CD cover
Note the music continues.

I have the API of the player to stop the player - but I need to add this so that it is executed when the tab is “not active”.

Hope this makes sense - any suggestions?


You need to load your external resources using SSL. There is no certificate on the server they are hosted on; so need to move them (the files) to a location that will serve them up via SSL.

Actually I changed the design so that it uses buttons instead of tabs - and now it works fine.

Thinking of changing the design so that everything is on pages instead of using tabs.