Custom Staggered-tiled Slider w/ Slider Element?

Any advice on how I could achieve this slider effect using the the webflow Slider element?

The slider I’d like to figure out is pictured above and about 3/4 down the page here

I am having trouble with how to make the slides show in the initial state and how to stagger / stack them like that.

Any help on recreating this or parts of it would be a huge lifesaver. Well, not that dramatic but its got me pulling out my hair!

Thanks in advance!

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hi @be_hole I have done for you a simple example to study.

There are not secondary (return) animations but it is easy to modify current one. I’ve also didn’t spend time on responsiveness and alignment change for mobile viewports. It
is just basic construct to get an idea and improve it the way you need.

Thanks @Stan, appreciate this. Going to take a look over it now!!

hi @be_hole project is transferred if you do not have further question to this topic feel free to close this request.

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THANKS! I am going to pick it apart and if I have a question I will let you know and will marked as solved!

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hi @be_hole is there anything I can help to make this request finally mark as solved?