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Custom slider shape


A bit new in terms of creating custom shapes in elements.

Any idea how to create a semi-circle at the button of a slider? Similar to the picture attached

Thanks in advance :pray:t3:

hi @velazcohd you can create your shape in any graphic software as eg. Affinity designer, Illustrator etc. and then export shape in SVG format and place it to desired space. I have attached simple shape similar to yours. I do not know how experienced developer you are but working with SVG can be sometime tricky and need time to learn its principles. :wink:

<svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 1280 222" style="display:block;" preserveAspectRatio="none">

<path d="M0,221.209l1279.89,0l-0,-221.209c-0,-0 -235.369,126.07 -567.569,160.093c-171.178,17.532 -296.629,27.674 -484.96,6.72c-117.074,-13.025 -227.36,-36.253 -227.36,-36.253l-0,90.649Z" style="fill:#FFF;"/>


Hi @Stan thanks for your reply!!!

I did created the graphic but did not imported as SVG maybe that is way it wasn’t working.

I will try and see if I get lucky.

Thanks for your help!!

HI @velazcohd I have recommended SVG as it is vector based img but if you want to use some pixel base image it should work too. It is your choice/preference.