Custom slider. Is it possible?

Hi there,

I designed a custom slider for my site but I am afraid it won’t be easy to recreate it in Webflow. Any hints?

Thanks in advance


You could probably do that with custom code, but I don’t know how to code… here is A link to webflow page that can give you A good start. It is not working perfect but it might help:

Thanks for your response @shokoaviv,
I could move the arrows out of the slider but can’t do the same with the pagination numbers. They are inside each slide, so if I move them out of the container they are not visible anymore. If I set the overflow of the Mask to Visible the numbers are shown but also the other sliders.

In this link you can see how I set up the slider.


As I wrote. it is not perfect but might help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your support! After some tweaks I finally made it.
You can can see component here: