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Custom Slider: First and Second Click Issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve built these custom case study slider. And know I realized that I have an First and Second Click issue to solve:

  1. Click slide
  2. Click go to Case Study

That does not work with the first slide as you can see here:

Because the first slide needs to behave like this:

  1. Click go to Case Study
    … while sliding click on first slide to go back to first slide - than click again to go to Case Study.

Same for the blog at the end of the page.

Is there a trick to solve these slider issue?

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Here is an idea:

What if you add a transparent overlay div positioned on top of your slide that gives you the functionality to change slides and the moment the slide is in view the overlay divs shrinks to and disappears and whenever the slide goes away the div covers the whole slide again.

Hope this helps.

Hey @aaronocampo,

thanks for the idea. I will try that first.

Many thanks,

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