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Custom scrollbar - PROOF template

I was watching the new templates and come across the PROOF. Now I’m trying to implement my own custom scrollbar, but has no clue. Should I use custom widget? And how?
Have a look at the scrollbar, still a 100% screen photo next to it. How?

Any answers appriaceted!


not sure if this will answer your question, but are you talking about the scrollbar on the right of the content?

if so, you can give any div block a set height (in pixels or percentage), then give it an overflow auto. Content inside that element that goes over the set height, will make that div get a scroll bar.

hope this helps.

Understand what you mean, and tried that but doesn’t work. Put the entire content into a div but no response. Seems to ignore the div. Though it only seems to ignore the height regarding scaling… Annoying

Thanks anyway!

do you have a preview link of your project that i can take a look at?

Of course,

I tend to take it like a challange when they charge for template :slight_smile:

Give us a troubleshooting link. You can find it in site settings. It seems like you misunderstood us. Create a div and set a height of it. Put the content inside that div and voila!

Thanks, found it! Here you go

Still trying using div in different ways, look for a div named length.


Select Length column and set overflow: auto.

Thanks! Solved it :smiley: