Custom requirement for a client

Client is looking to enable ecommerce on their platform for sell digital products - e-cards in this case.

During checkout of the product there is a need to capture up to 10 additional emails and dates. This data is submitted along with the purchase and is expected to be stored against the order.

Once the data is in place next expectation is to process this data - emails and dates and send the ecard to those emails at the prescribed dates through a batch program. The email format will also be custom with the downloadable version of the card.

Another requirement is to append/bundle another product to the purchase which has the option to “choose my own price”.

Wanting to know from experts here on feasibility and some directions to achieve it.

Hi @amrenps

We can help you design and develop a custom E-Commerce website per the client’s digital product sales requirement. Let’s connect over the $|<y|)e => live:.cid.5f7dc058f666db6b for the details discussion further.