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Hello Webflow Team

First of all, thank you for your great work!

I don’t know if this is a bug or something else and it is just a small thing I found out yesterday, but here’s what I’m talking about:

Yesterday I tested the ability to design the checkboxes and radio buttons. I also tested out the different states (Hover, Focused, Checked, etc.).
I found out that the settings I did on the “State: Checked” on the radio button do not appear in the preview-mode. All the other states are working on the radio button and for the Checkbox-Element the settings of all states are working in preview mode. So it is only the settings in “State: Checked” that are not working for the radio buttons.
Since every other state is working, it took me quite some time to find out that it wasn’t my fault… Later I found out that on the published website it seems to work properly, so the problem only occours in preview mode.

One more info:
The only settings I changed in the different states was the background-color and the border-color. I didn’t try other settings.

I hope this helps in some way.

Best regards

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@Schuschi_Eyes Thanks for reporting this. I’ve created an issue to get this fixed. :+1:

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