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Custom project mlm Project

Good Afternoon,

I am a newby at webflow, experienced at wordpress. I have a project that i need to quote on however before i do that i would ike to find out if it would be possible to create such a project in webflow.

The short story is it is basically an online MLM management application. A person will sign up from a link that they will receive. There they will sign up as a user. The new user will be a downline from his sponsor. He will then send out a link for new members to join.

The system needs to be able to show a user his whole downline and their respective progress as well as income generated from all the downlines.

My question at this stage will it be possible for web flow to create such an application. Taken into account that we still would -prefer to do this with as little as possible coding.



Webflow is not suitable for this. You can’t run server side logic since no application code is supported / exposed. Calculating downline commissions requires lots of code and processing power and web CMS’s are not up to the task.

First time are you a new freelance web designer or developer at the webflow. You have been experienced the WorkPress. You can’t make copy a create project template? You need start a wire-framing or different examples; project types of portfolio website.

Hi Jeff,
No problem I did sort of expect this answer. Much appreciated