Custom Pop up Module not triggering (SOLVED)

Hi everybody.
Still new at Webflow. I am confident and working well now with layouts. Triggers and animations…I can make them, but they do not work when a link is generated for others to check out (boss, co-workers)


I’m certain the answer is out here. Did a search through Google, filtered by the past year. Not seeing anything close to see what can do to fix this issue.

Go to the Heligen page – per key crop section.
There are five cards/crops. Each card has its own specified div.
All class codes are labeled to the crop.
All five divs are hidden as usual.
Popups function fine with I preview them. Publish and copy the link for others…it doesn’t work at all.

Is there an easy fix or is this a bug?

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
(how to access public share link)

Hi @agbitechus I do not know if I understand but to be able trigger interaction open modal on card click you have to assign this interaction to card and not to modal it self. Reason is that modal is hidden and that is why can’t be clicked. Once you assign animation on click to correct element modal will work as expected. Hope I’d understand your request correctly. :wink:

Ohhh. Ok. Move the Triggers to the Card Div per crop.
LOL. I triggered the triggers I guess? Thank you very much.


HI @agbitechus if issue doesn’t persist and you do not have further questions related to this request feel free to close this request as solved. :wink:

Well. It’s not working after publishing still. Set the triggers on each div. Each div has a scale up/down and popup. Works in preview, but not when published.

hi @agbitechus I can’t replicate your issue as everything is working on my side identically in preview and on published site.

ok. thank you.
I opened it in Chrome to check it in a different browser as I have Webflow opened in Safari. Probably should be the other way around? Anyways. Still not saying or the popup trigger working. I thought I did it to the screenshot. I’ll double check.

hi @agbitechus preview I have done in video was in Safari with your project in designer and published. I am unable to check it now in different browsers as suddenly your link giving 404. Please double-check it as it should work.

Sorry about that. Working in Safari. Copied the Preview URL and paste into Chrome to check. No animations or triggers function.

You have changed now animation assignment to card button. When You click “view Window” modal will open. I have Checked LIVE page in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave and all is working as expected. :thinking:

Ok. I’ll clear cache in Chrome and check it in FF, etc. It’s almost closing time. I’m cleaning up class codes and such atm. I will (hope to) get this right. Thanks for your help here. Sincerely appreciate it.

Hi @agbitechus IMO there is no reason cleaning a cache. Provided solution works on my side and it should on yours. :wink:

EDIT: one thing that cross my mind that most people get confused with when open Read only that things aren’t working. This is because the blue eye that turn on the Preview mode have to be turn OFF and ON to make everything work. Only pointing to this as you have mentioned that is not working in Preview mode when copy paste preview mode link to another browser.

Hi @agbitechus do you need further assistance with your issue?

ugh. sorry. Long day.

It WORKS! I shared the link from design mode. Somehow it worked.
Now to adjust per browser and keep at it.

THANK YOU so much

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