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Custom PHP emailer

Hi there,
Due to project & hosting restriction, I need to setup a custom PHP emailer. I can see that there’re 3 default webflow states for form. Would you be able to let me know what are the variables & value expected to get the forms switching smoothly to the corresponding messages? Thanks!

10 pm

The form messages are only used for submissions to Webflow (default action). If you have to use them in an exported site, you’ll have to custom code your own functionality.

Thanks for your reply Sam. I understand about this. But can anyone from Webflow team to give me a quick respond about the quick Variable & attribute just so I can develop and fire the action to flick between the result status (success / error)? That’d make life easier than debugging the code. All I need i just the variable & status codes. Thanks!

The Webflow object has no known forms api, and the variables are private. Therefore, you have to code your own implementation. Please search the forum for examples.

It’s not API that i’m after. Simple code that they have really on their back end. anyways. Thanks for your respond. I need to bump this to Webflow technical team.

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