Custom mobile navbar displayed by default


I’m coming to you because I’m pulling my hair out on something basic.

I have a menu in the absolute position that appears when clicking on a hamburger icon from the Tablet position. By default, the parent DIV of this menu is in Display none (no matter the breakpoint), it is a click on the hamburger that switches it to display block (from the tablet breakpoint).

However, I don’t understand why, when I preview my site, as soon as I display it in Tablet the menu is displayed.

Hope you can help


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hey @Mattis_BETOURNE!

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This is occurring due to the initial action on your menu’s close interaction. This is overriding the open interactions initial state (screenshot :arrow_upper_right:).

If you remove that step for your close interaction it should work as expected :slight_smile:

The initial state is applied on page load for all interactions, so only needs to be set for an action for which you want an items state to be on page load.

Hopefully that helps!

Thanks you very much !

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