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Custom menu not working - Double click


I have an issue with a custom menu. Opening and closing the menu, with the menu button works fine. But if I click an anchor link in the menu (when the menu is open) you have to click the menu button twice to open the menu again. Of course I only want to click once for it to open.

I have tried adding custom code before the body tag (Trying to: when I click an anchor link, then it clicks the Menu button - so that it is reset to closed state - In this way trying to avoid double click):

("#Menu-item-text").click(function() { ("#TopFingerprint").click();

Do you have any guidance with or without code?

I have seen several post on this issue in the forum - People trying custom code and other workarounds but nothing works for me.

Read-only link: (Most of the site is removed because it is still confidential)

Help is much appreciated!