Custom membership access


I would like to use the webflow folder protection but use my own authentication process to confirm if users are able to access it, is there any advice on how to do this, please?


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Are you talking about the membership feature in beta or are you asking about password protection of a page or something else. Please try to be more specific.

Either or, to be honest, if it is easier via the membership feature or since membership is only in beta then the password protected folder may be on the only way to go.

I am wanting to restrict access to a folder via a custom authentication process with using webflow protection (I believe this is the best way unless there are any recommendations?) so that the actual access isn’t done via javascript (as the whole page may load and inturn protected content will be viewable) but via the application (or can a webflow application also do this as well ?) the documentation seems to be very lacking in this area.

You can’t access the [Password Protect Functionality] (Project and page passwords | Webflow University) apart from the designer so not possible. I have not bothered with the Membership beta because it is in beta and I have no need for it at this time. You can explore the API documentation but I am pretty sure what you want is not possible at this time and may never be, just no way to know that.

thanks very much, I think from looking at webflow documentation, that I have kinder come to the same conclusion – the only way around is to host the static site our selves with the extra folder protection added on, of which feels kinder the wrong way of going about it.

When I need features that don’t exist with Webflow hosting I host the project myself using my own code base or leverage a platform that has what I need. Have a great day!

Hi Ian,

Depending on the specifics, you might be able to accomplish what you’re after using Memberships.

You cannot insert yourself into the auth chain, but in Memberships, control over which pages a user can access is defined by access-groups. If your users fall in to neat groups ( student/teacher, or free/basic/pro, etc. ) you can assign the groups you want to give users the access you want.

Currently, you can manage those access groups manually through the designer, and you can assign them in the API at the point of the user invite ( only ).

Later, I’m sure you’ll be able to update access groups via the API as well, which means you could effectively integrate your two systems with some automation - i.e. access updates in your system are propogated to Webflow’s in the form of;

  • New member invites
  • Member disables
  • Access group changes

Another option might be to build something entirely custom using Firebase and then using your own data store / auth API for the authentication part. You’ll find a bunch of posts here from people who have built auth solutions using Firebase.