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Custom Lighting Company Website

After rebranding and redesigning the company itself, I am currently underway redesigning our company website using WF. It is about halfway done but I would like to ask a few of you, if you have a chance, to please check it out on various desktops and mobile devices. I created the website from scratch, no template was purchased or used.

The top right drop down menu of “Custom Info” (and it’s linked pages) and the “Wall Lights” sections are complete. Each wall light has it’s respective blowup. To keep consistent and cohesive, the wall lights layout and design will be used for the template for all other fixture pages… chandeliers, short fixtures, etc.

I would like to know if you come across any problems, if all is working and if all is lining up correctly. Sometimes I’m finding that in preview mode on WF, it is not an accurate representation of what shows up on the live site.

Please disregard the “Sale” area on the home page… right now it’s just a placeholder that will obviously change with the sales we have. Also any comments on actions, fade ins, design elements, color scheme, layout, etc. are always welcome from design professionals. Just a few short comments would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help. The site can be found here:

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