Custom Lightbox with dynamic content and video

Hello everyone!

I need to create a modal window that will open for videos with dynamic content. Basically, I have a collection of video. I want people to be able to click on the miniature of the video and the video will appear in a modal window with custom information around it (links to the project page, etc).

The problem is that I can’t use video lightboxes with collections, and when I make a custom lightbox, the video keeps playing in the background (I keep hearing the video). I’ve seen that it was possible to stop the video using a bit of code (on this page), however, it seems that I can’t use that with dynamic content. Could you help me and tell how to achieve that?

If you want to see what the final result should be, here is a website that does it well: (when you click on a miniature, the video appears in a custom light box).

Thanks very much for your help.