Custom lightbox interactions doesn't trigger correctly

My Skill = Noob.

I’ve followed these steps and made a custom lightbox. Its pretty straight forward, but for some reason the interactions don’t fire. Every time I quit and restart my browser, it takes at least 6 clicks for the interactions to work. It works fine while editing and having that browser open, but when I quit and relaunch the browser, the interactions begin to lag again.

Would anyone of you give me some wisdom? I placed the custom lightbox on the Home page (photos section), and on the Photos Page. I would really appreciate it.

I am unable to repro this behaviour. The open and close interactions seem to work fine.

Try to use interaction not on the ‘Lightbox’ element, but on ‘Thumbnail Photo’ instead. You don’t have to use link block to use click interactions.

If you want to change a cursor as a ‘link’ when hover, you can do it at the bottom of the style sidebar, in the ‘Effects’ section.

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