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Custom javascript only affecting to active tab

I have moments.js which localizes the date on all my pages, and I just realized that the script only works on the primary tab of a tabbed section

Please provide both share link, and website URL.

In this link, not only does the moments Js break, but also the masonry Js is breaking the 3rd tab content. Jquery is working fine in the main tab but not in the other hidden tabs.

Second and third tabs have different date format, that is why it is unable to parse the date.

First tab: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Second tab: January 6, 2016

oh ok, How about the masonry js? why is it causing the tab to act weirdly?

My guess is that the content needs to be displayed on page load and not hidden in a tab, so that the script can calculate the positioning.

:disappointed: ok thx

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