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Custom Interactive Objects with Physics

Hi everyone,

I found a neat site that features an effect I’d like to include in a future design. I’m wondering, 1.) what this effect is called, and 2.) if it possible to execute within Webflow.

The site’s link, and the specific effect I’m describing is a sequence with individual letters that fall to the bottom of the page, can be dragged around the screen, and collide with one another.

The way to determine how something was built is to use dev tools to inspect the site code and loaded scripts. From there you can then typically locate the scripts used and then search the web for documentation and determine how to implement. Webflow supports custom code on some hosting plans so you should be able to load what you need and achieve similar results. Of course custom code typically requires coding skills. If you don’t have them you can always solicit paid help by posting in the freelance category.

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