Custom input with collection

I’ve several related post, but haven’t come across my exact question yet
Use case

  1. Custom Wizard/steps with multiple user inputs on each step
  2. Need to save the data to a collection and integrate with Zap.Noxin Db. as each step is completed.
    a. User may come back and want to complete the wizard at a late time. At that point would query Zap.Noxin, populated the WebFlow collection and continue
  3. On completion I would like to create a user account


  1. Is this the correct approach for something like this ?
  2. Is there a tutorial for #1 ?
    I think the integration part I can figure out, but struggling with getting started and do not want to waste time if the is not a recommended approach/pattern.


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I think you won’t be able to submit the data to Zapier on each input as you need an event such as form submit in order to pass thte data through. Perhaps you could store the data user inputs in their local memory and then when they visit the page again import it into input fields?

Sorry I mean on each step of the wizard would have a next button that would trigger a form submit.