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Custom HTML5 Tag <fieldset>

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to use <fieldset> tag directly within Webflow? I am working with MixItUp plugin which requires Filters to be placed inside <fieldset>. Right now I have it as <Aside> tag so I can manually change it after downloading my project but I was hoping to do it via webflow.

Here is my site:

I also have another post in design help re sticky menu.

If someone reading this has any ideas on how to do it, I will greatly appreciate it.


Yes you can, with the embed code component.

Thanks @samliew, i just ended up tinkering with javascript to make it work. I’m not a coder so it all looks alien to me but still as long as it works, I’m not complaining.

Do you have an idea on how to do sticky section thing i mentioned above? I know the answer will be quite simple but its seriously making my head hurt trying to think of it.