Custom Header Button Link

Hello everyone, I have a general question.

I have a website where in the header I have a button that if clicked takes the user to a specific section of the same page through an anchor.

The problem is that at the moment I also use this same header (as a component) in multiple pages. Is there a way where I can use the same header component (with the anchor button), but when the user is in a page different than the home page, instead of an anchor, I can send the user that clicks in that same button to a different page? Or should I create a new component for that?

hi @jfiche here is the link to WFU just in case you have missed it to understand what components are and how they work.

I know what they are, the point is not that lol

I have my project in 3 different languages, and for each language I already have 3 different headers.

The point is if it is possible to create a condition in the link element to be different depending on a parameter.