Custom gradient border (For dropdown buttons)

Hello. I am trying to make this custom gradient on all our buttons, dropdown menu buttons, etc. I see how it’s possible for a link block button, but I am trying to do it for a dropdown selection menu, is this possible? Been struggling. This video is to show how to do it for a link block and it works fine, but nothing for a dropdown.


Site attempt
Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 18.00.28

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Muzik Blox

Hi Matthew,

A lot of elements in Webflow are just Div blocks with certain functionality added to make it easier on the user, especially those who aren’t versed in HTML/CSS. So, the good news for you here is that inside your dropdown toggle, you can simply add a Div block and apply the same classes you have on your link block, and then add an inner text block, applying the same styles as the existing text block. Super simple, and you end up with the same style you’re looking for.

Hi @ColemanChrisB - I really appreciate the informative reply! I will give this a try and report back :slight_smile: