Custom Google Domain w/ SSL


I’m publishing my first website (just finished creating it) with Webflow using a custom domain I bought from google. I want to use SSL with this site and it says Webflow offers it but I can’t seem to get it to work. I updated my DNS settings on google domains as shown here

and it says it’s connected on my Webflow hosting page, but doesn’t show the SSL button for me to switch on.

Can anyone help with this?

Hey @James_Joyce , SSL is always on. Publish your website and you will see the secure connection authentication within the URL bar.

Also make, www. as your default domain as it is recommended from some previous posts I have seen on the forum.

Hey @imtiazraqib . I tried that and it just shows a screen like this…

Earlier I tried publishing and it was the same screen but it said “could not establish a secure connection to the server”.

Hey @James_Joyce , did you set as the default domain? Set it as default and publish your project again and let me know if it fixes your issue.

Hey @imtiazraqib thanks for sticking around to help :smiley:

I made it the default and now it’s showing me a 404 error.

Hey @James_Joyce , this seems a bit weird. It still looks like is the default domain since it is not showing up here.

Is the Default badge present for

Hey @James_Joyce , I see the error you have done. In your DNS manager for Google Domains, your Host Name for CNAME is only www, not, it should only be www.

Holy :poop: it works! I’m not sure what happened but I refreshed the page and the showed up. Finally showing up published :smiley: Thank you so much!!

Ayeee lets goo!! works on my end too :fire:

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Hey @imtiazraqib how do you get the CNAME record to only be “www” when I place that in the Host Name Google automatically adds the rest of my domain after it. Can you please advise?