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I have a private page for a client to use to create purchase orders as the ecom doesn’t work for us because the client is a wholesale account and pays via check or ach.

So I created a CMS of the products and a PO form. I have 2 things I cannot figure out. There are 3 locations and I want them to be able to easily use one form for each location but I cannot find a user friendly way to do that. I thought about tabs but I only want one submit button and I have yet to figure out if that is doable or not.

I also need the data that is emailed to me to be more clear. Right now it is true flas and generic field name and I cannot figure out how to customize that so I can see what the client selected on the form

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Hello, I also had same issue at my blog of beginner juicer. I cannot received emails.
Kindly, help me to fix that issue,
Thanks in advance.

If you just want to use one form you could put all the form elements on one form and then use a hide/show interaction to hide individual form fields when each “location” is selected.

In this example I have set up the page so that when the “Form 2” link is clicked the “Phone Number” field is hidden. You can set up a link for each version of the form you need by showing and hiding all the form fields on each version that need to be there.

For your second question, if you go to the settings for each form element you should be able to give more descriptive ID and Name elements which should make reading submissions easier.

Thank you. It seems though because it’s linked to cms I cannot change each field. Changing one changes them all to the same thing although the data output will say field 28 field 29. I cannot change that anywhere that I can find.

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Which form are you referring to in your project? The form I looked at was not linked to cms.

FYI. my browser displays the below error message when I go to

Thank you. That’s odd I haven’t seen that before.

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