Custom form which includes project name from each site

Hi, i need your help.
I want a custom form which will show up the name of the project which someone want to submit to. So for example i got a real estate homepage, and i got many properties, and for each property i got a form where it says, Inquiry about the “name of the property”, but when i will press the submit button, only the form is sent and i don’t know which property the one wants. Hope somebody can help me. I want the form linked with the property so i can know if i will read the submission which property we are talking about.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - RAHMANN)

Hey @FranziPip

What you need to do is add an HTML Embed into the form and add this code inside. The purple block means it’s pulling in the value from CMS, you can even add a custom field for that if you want. You add these purple blocks in embed by clicking “+Add Field” and selecting which one you want to add.

This should solve your issue, let me know if anything is unclear, cheers!

Hi, thank you so much for your help. But i Got the following problem, if i will do it like you said, there is no purple +add field, which i can select or add.

Sorry, now i got is, it was a component therefore i couldnt see the field. Thank you so much it works now.