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Custom Fonts and font styles not showing in iPhone or iPad

Here is link for site:

The custom font does not appear in iPhone or iPad. Does anyone know how to correct this? Thank you.

Laurel Natale

Ok, so I believe that perhaps I need to upload other formats such as wolf, ttf, etc… this leads me to a new problem however. I am attempting to upload the other formats, but I only get the spinning uploading icon and the font formats never load. Any ideas on this? @webflow - is this a bug perhaps? I can’t upload any fonts to see if that is the problem with font display on the iphone and ipad.

Ok… I was able to upload other formats of the font. This did not change my original problem. I still can not see the custom font on iPhone or iPad. Please… does anyone have an idea on what to do here?

Hi @laurelrose72, I believe we chatted via the support desk, is this issue now solved to your satisfaction? Cheers, Dave

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