Custom font style does not show up in Safari (weight, letter spacing)

Hey guys!

I’ve already searched through half the internet and am now kind of desperate, which is why I am now asking for help here :smiley:

I’m currently working on a project with a beautiful custom web font called Editor’s Note. I’ve been designing in Chrome and everything looks great. But some days ago I gave it a look on Safari and it looked completely different. It seems that the font weights do not show up correctly, everything is more bold than it should be. Also the spacing is really different.

Things that I’ve already tried:

  • reuploaded the font in all formats (tff, otf, eod, woff, woff2)
  • experimented with normal and italic settings in the font uploader, this is also not the problem

I once had a read at a thread here where someone had the same issue with the same font, but unfortunately there have not been any responses.

Read-Only link: [LINK][1]

Please be aware that I’m still working on making it responsive, so please have a look at the Desktop version.

Thank you so much for your help! It would mean the world to me if I could resolve it :slight_smile:

Guys… I think I got it!

For everyone with the same problem:

I had a look at the code and it seems that the character ’ is the problem when Safari tries to read the font. Chrome can do it per default. I changed the name of the font and I think that’s it.

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