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Custom font not working.. AGAIN


my custom fonts that I added via custom html are no longer working.

SO Im now uploading them via the dashboard == not working
– getting an [ object Object ] call back alert.

This is super frustrating.

IS this because Im on the personal plan?
according to this

you guys are allowing all paid plans to have custom fonts, right?

Hi @amul_patel let me take a look at this for you.

Hi - looks like it’s working fine from our end. Are you on a paid plan? If you send an email to support we’d be happy to help you via email.

sent a message with screenshot of the

[ object Object ] call back alert.

I’ve tried all the formats…

Hi @amul_patel , thanks for your updates. Some bug fixes have been made, can you try to load your fonts again and let us know if you continue to have issues?

Cheers, Dave