Custom font not loading on all browsers

installed this font, which I uploaded first, everythings, looks oke. Until I change the font on the text and nothing happens. Have refreshed a couple of times, nothing.

Hi @Aimanisms, Can you please update your post following these guidelines: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

In the meantime, you may want to include OTF, EOT, and WOFF font files for more reliable font rendering across browsers.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what any of those font types mean that you suggested. Looked at the link, how do I give u a share only link, I don’t want this to be publicly shared here in the forum though.

Hi @Aimanisms, this article goes over some of the other font filetypes that are useful for making sure your fonts work across all browsers.

Keep me posted on your progress - if you still have trouble, let me know and I can try to take a closer look. :slight_smile:

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They are web font files. TTF is mostly a desktop font file. When you only have a TTF file, you need to convert it to generate all the other files, but there are two very big issues with doing this:

  1. resulting files won’t be optimized, most likely too big
  2. most likely, you will breach a copyright

So for your custom fonts, try to get them on a website like, so you’re sure you have all the files and you don’t breach copyrights.

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@vincent @thewonglv I followed the instructions and now it seems to work. Thanks for your info/help!


Hi @Aimanisms, glad its working now! :slight_smile: