Custom font - how to change glyphs?


I have purchased a custom font (BR Candor) for our company’s website. The font has different styles, however, the style of the .otf and .woff files that are included is fixed.
I have currently added the font to our website using these files, but the problem is that I cannot use the glyphs that I want. The glyph in question is the following:

In addition to the .otf and .woff files, there were some html, css and js files included when we purchased the font. My question: is it possible to add a custom font through custom code to webflow, in which I would be able to add/change certain glyphs? Or can we only add custom fonts by uploading a font file?

Or if anyone knows another solution how to add this glyph to our font, please let me know :slight_smile:

Purchased font:

Share-link of our website:


HI @Christophe_Bock Im not expert on Fonts but I have recently published video about Ligatures and IMO with applying different CSS provided by Fonts creator new glyphs should be displayed. As this is about custom code not WF you should start searching internet about how to and try to apply process in WF. here is one answer but feel free to find another responses to get better understanding of this process.

In this request is the video I have mentioned.

Hopefully it will point you right direction

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Thanks a lot @Stan for your response! This seems to be a bit more complexed than I expected, but I will go through your documents and try to get it to work!