Custom Domains transferred from other Webflow site not working (SOLVED)

I’ve solved this issue by following the instructions on this page I found: Too many redirects error | Webflow University

I’ve tried to transfer one of my domains from another webflow website on another webflow account to a new site on a new account. However it seems like something is messed up, everything checks out on A, CNAME and TXT records, but the domain doesn’t go anymore. It says on Webflow that it’s published however it just gives an error and never loads. No clue why.

I want to clarify that the domain DID work on my other webflow account. It just stopped working once I transferred it to the new site.

The domain that should work:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - SpeakerBee Website

Hello Frederik, welcome to the Webflow forum.

Regarding your issue, it is working fine with me. While transferring/updating domain sometime it can take time to update, maybe that was your issue, but it should be working fine now.