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Custom Domain with new build

I have a custom domain and it is set up to point to my webflow site. Works great. However, I have redesigned my site. I it currently has a different name, but I want it to have the same name as the old site and have the same custom domain, etc. I can easily point the domain to the webflow site, and set the webflow site up with the custom domain. But how do I disconnect the old site so that I am not being billed for 2 custom domains, as I only want the new one?

Hi @MesquiteMA That is a good question.

To transfer a custom domain name and a hosting subscription, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Cancel your hosting on your old site

  2. Add a hosting subscription to your new site

  3. Add your domains into the new site

  4. if your last paid hosting invoice was within a month, send an email to for a refund

Hope this helps! :smile:

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