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Custom domain redirecting to www.www

I’ve noticed a couple of others having similar problems at the moment but Im not sure if they are related.

I’m having trouble with custom domain set up. As far as I can tell everything looks OK with the way I’ve set up the CNAME & A records but I have the following issues >>>

  • gives the following browser error: “This site can’t provide a secure connection (invalid response)”
  • should redirect to but it seems to redirect to and gives me the following error: “server IP address could not be found”
  • gives the following error: This site can’t provide a secure connection (invalid response)

I started a query with Webflow support on Thursday but it’s hit the weekend now with no solution and I’m sure it will be a couple of days before I hear back from support again. :unamused:

What is your default domain in Webflow? Be sure to set it to your www domain

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Thank you. I had it set to and changing it seems to have worked! The odd thing is that I originally had it set to but I changed it to in an attempt to try ‘something’ because nothing else seemed to be working.

It did work for about 20 minutes… but I’m still having issues. I heard back from Webflow support and trying a few things out.