Custom domain linking to a /example url?

Hi! I’m struggling to figure out something rather basic for some of the experts around here :slight_smile:

Is it possible to set up the custom domain to my Webflow page to link to a child url, for example,

Thank you in advance!!

Hi @ohlalasacrebleu, can you clarify a little bit? Do you want to direct a custom domain to a webflow page?

Lets say: >

Thank you for you ranswer @dennyhartanto!
I’m expanding a website that is currently hosted in a private repo, with the goal of migrating the whole of it to Webflow in the future. The problem relies on the fact that, as the migration is going to be incremental, there are a couple of pages with new content that are already hosted on Webflow, even though the whole website, for now, is still hosted externally.

To be able to publish the new pages (on Webflow) on the old website (private repo), I would like to know if it’s possible to link the new Webflow pages custom domains to child urls (for example, or if we are obliged to just use subdomains ( for these new pages.

I hope I explained myself correctly, if not please let me know.

Thank you a lot in advance!

No problem!

As far as I know, its not possible to use child URLs to point to Webflow hosting. Because you can point a child URL to an IP (Webflow IP). So as you mentioned subdomain seems to be the only way. Others can correct me if Im wrong.

Thank you Denny! When you said “because you can point a child url to an ip” you mean “can’t”, right? Just want to make sure that this wouldn’t be possible by using custom domains? I assume not :smiley:

Yeap sorry there! I meant ‘can’t’.